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Search yourself

When looking for a rental home, you can register here for free. By doing this it is important to clearly state your wishes and per which date you want to rent a house. In that way we can be of added value in helping your search.

What does it entail to search for yourself?

You state your search criteria and we will add your profile in our database. As soon as something comes available that matches your search, you will receive an e-mail. You can respond yourself to any property without further obligations. Whenever we make a perfect match with your profile based on the search criteria of our landlords, we will possible contact you.

Upside of searching yourself:

You are in control. We will not offer you any service that you did not ask for and are yourself capable of looking for and responding to all properties. Without any costs or obligations.

Downside of searching yourself:

You are one of the many that is looking for a rental home and we are not specifically looking on behalf of you. The chances that you respond to a house and eventually will be the future tenant, are therefore smaller.

The Rental Manager has a diverse range of rental homes available from time to time. Often we already rent out our property before even publishing them online. Do you want us to search for you instead? Have a look at the benefits of a specific search assignment.

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