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1 bedroom • 60 m²

€ 580,000 k.k.

  • CityKaag
  • Property typeBungalow
  • Interior-
  • Living area60 m²
  • Rooms2
  • Bedrooms1
  • Availability-

A small paradise of 1300 m2

with home, terraces and boathouse


sloop Albatros 21 with Vetus engine 33 hp
work boat aluminum 8 hp outboard
ferry boat aluminum, electric.

Parking on the Ringvaart next to a private jetty.
This is where the ferryboat lies.
5 minutes and you are there.

It is a recreation home of 60m2 with
CV. With municipal connection water, gas, electricity, sewer.

There is a permit to realize a second home. (60m2 and 3,5m high)

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  • Aderpolder

    1 bedroom • 60 m²

    € 580,000 k.k.

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