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Modern renting & Old fashioned service exactly tells you what the latest rental service by the Rental Manager is all about;

Your primary objective?
Your main interest is to rent your house as efficient as possible with minimal costs and maximum certainty. Maybe hire a rental agent? They normally they charge you a fee of one month the rental price and they will provide you with any random tenant who can afford the rent. When this tenant will rent your property only for one year though, your return on investment will be limited.

Other options? is a unique blend of quality and personal services, combined with todays’ digital possibilities. Our longterm experience in selecting the perfect tenant minimizing risks, plus our excellent knowledge of the Dutch renting jurisdiction, is what makes us the best partner for this tailor-made service.

How does it work?

“Door U & Door Ons”;

By you: you handle the viewing and check-in at a time point specified by you

By us: we handle the rest of the proces!

What do you mean by “de rest of the proces”?

1.) Personal advice by rental agent (instead of an umbrella website or real estate agent)

- Your personal and legal situation as landlord

- Determine the rental price

- Define ideal tenant

2.) Your rental property visualized

- Professional photoshoot (+ optional with map)

- Create advertisement (NL + EN)

- Publish on several rental websites (+ optional on Funda)

3.) Handling potential tenants

- Screening by phone before viewing

- Scheduling of candidate tenants for viewing

- Credit and ID-check of candidate tenants

4.) Administrative handling

- Tailor made rental agreement (optional for ‘Leegstandswet’)

- Custom made incheckform for your rental property

- First financial transaction before key transfer takes place

Your investment?

TeHuurDoorU-Complete! € 675, --

TeHuurDoorU-Light! € 550, --*

* excluding photoshoot

In Short:

Te Huur Door U = you handle the viewing and check-in, we handle the rest! is a service of the Rental Manager

Modern renting & Old fashioned service

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